By Robin Roth
The Entertainer. Las Vegas


On July 25th – 27th 2008, at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino, comic geniuses and time-honored legends Tommy and Dickie Smothers, sold out and performed three brilliant shows. The duo magically, “Had the audience at hello.” The crowd simply put, couldn’t get enough of them.

They walked out to an audience that clearly loved them for years, mixing with young new fans. They opened the show with an original comedy song about their career. I must say, there never has been, and never will be, another musical comedy team like the talented Smothers Brothers. They mesmerized and captivated their audience from beginning to end.

It is easy to see why the careers of Dick and Tom have surpassed all other comedy teams throughout history. The show is such a joy to be a part of. It was like watching innocence past. The brothers’ trademark act is performing folk songs (Tom on acoustic guitar, Dick on string bass), which of course as you already know, leads to tit-for-tat hysterical arguments between the siblings. Tom’s signature line to Dick may very well be, “Mom always liked you best”, but as far as I am concerned, I like them both the best and they both are equally the best… They rock! Their comedy is not only hilarious, but original, unique, clean, and polished. They are up-to-date, current, and topical, with an intuitive understanding of comedy, which is all brought together with a joyous warmth and stellar showmanship. This is what makes them Legends and Icons of music and comedy.

Due to a sweeping impact on diverse generation of fans, the irresistible Tom and Dick with their stunning blend of comedy and musical talents are now enjoying 50 years of success in show business. Fifty years, they don’t even look 50 years old.

During the show, the audience got to see many of their talents… singing, playing of instruments, and comedy. If you are looking for an entire song from beginning to end, you won’t find it here. They interrupt all the songs with their welcomed comedy flair. In addition, there was of course, Tom as YO-YO Man which brought down the house as well. There were also, many sentimental moments, including a video of them growing up, their family, and classic moments of famous guest-stars on their successful television show.

I found myself smiling and laughing for an hour and a half non-stop and not wanting the show to end. The Smothers Brothers prove that you don’t have to be vulgar to bring about laughter. Clean comedy is not only refreshing but possible.

Two of their many lines that stuck with me are, “Politics… derived from the word poly and Ticks…meaning blood sucking parasites… Politics…

The Smothers Brothers continue to tour the country as the longest-lived comedy team in history. Do catch their show when they come to your town. They are not only entertaining, but pure unadulterated joy for audiences of all ages. As far as I am concerned, (as well as everyone in the audience giving them a standing ‘O’…), Tom and Dick Smothers are this country’s comedic treasures, Icons, legends and peerless. They are truly and American Classic. I also, want to share that I found them to be amazingly down-to-earth, real, caring, and painfully humble… BRAVO GUYS! Thank you for all the memories you gave us and continue to share.

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